A Preview of Our New Website

Our original website has performed quite well. However, over the years since we hosted it we’ve grown. Grown in size, changed locations from Delcambre, La. to New Iberia, La. We’ve grown in the size of projects as well as the number of projects we can complete.

We’re deciding to grow our internet presence as well as our social media presence.

Send me something exciting you, your family or friends have done on facebook. I’ll do my best to make sure it’s posted there.

Let me know what you think about our new website.

General Fabricators, New Website Preview




We Do Process Pipe Right

This will be a short, to the point post.

This is a warm felt thank you for all those that work with us. We appreciate all that you do. It doesn’t get said often enough. But its felt every moment of every day.

You are the BEST! You work together like a well oiled machine. A well oiled pipe manufacturing machine!

It’s an honor and privilege working with you all.