Process Pipe Fabrication Mid Year

It’s HOT!

In this mornings safety meeting, everyone was advised to stay hydrated, stay safe and let everyone know they were keeping production up and we appreciated it.

We’re on the last lap to finish the Kinder Morgan project for Tennessee compressor station. We’re well on our way to finishing the one Enterprise Products project for Mt. Belvieu and getting a really great start on the 2 other Enterprise Products projects for another customer. So 4 jobs with 3 customers are well on their way to completion.

We’re aggressively looking for our next project award. We’ve got a few possibilities, but that’s up to our customers to win the overall project.

We’ve been busy, but not to busy to take on another job.

We’ve made the decision to no longer take large diameter pipe fabrication with heavy wall thickness. It’s just to heavy for the equipment in our shop. We’re concentrating on smaller od’s and up to 24″ od with light wall.

Focus is up, moral is up, now we just need our next projects awarded for everything to be up.



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