Process Pipe Fabrication is What We Do

There is a question that’s asked of me every time I contact a new prospective customer for our services. “What do you do?”

That’s pretty simple to explain, we specialize in the fabrication of process pipe for the petrochemical, power, compression, refining, and terminal industries. We only work with heavy industrial contractors and EPC construction companies. So, we won’t be a competitor of yours sometime down the road.

We WERE a construction company until 4 1/2 years ago. We made a business decision to no longer support construction. We made the choice to keep our fabrication shop, converting it to a production pipe fabrication facility. Further, we decided we would support other construction companies as our target market.

Every construction company “can” fabricate their own pipe, either in there shop or in the field. However, every shop I’ve visited are set up as “job shops” to fabricated whatever the field needs. They’re fabricating pipe on pipe stands, welding in position, just like they would in the field.

Our shop can out produce and out perform this mode of fabrication simply by the processes we’ve engineered into our facility and the roll out equipment we use to support our welding.

With that said, our welding time can greatly decrease the time it takes to support the field crews on sight.

We don’t want to and are not asking you to shut your shop down, we’re asking you to give us an opportunity to show you how we can assist you in the success of your field construction projects. There are times that your shop will be utilized for critical, fast turn around aspects of just about every project you have. We help in the area’s that production rates can save money and time.

There are few things that slow our deliveries down. Weather being the most frustrating reason. We give our customers our word that we will do everything in our power to never allow anything to get in the way of delivering you your fabricated pipe on time and at the agreed upon amount. If anything changes in that promise, we’ll be contacting you right away to discuss, before it adversely impacts your project.

We have a proven system of marking pipe so your field crews know what every piece is, where it goes, and what drawing it belongs to.

Working with General Fabricators, Inc. is like having your own production pipe fabrication facility without the overhead, head aches of running a shop, personnel issues and you don’t pay us when we don’t have a project in house for you.

We all win, and that’s a key aspect of our business. If you, your customers, and we can’t win, what’s the use of doing it? We do our very best to put you in such a position that we help you get your job done just like you promised your customers, so we can both continue having a successful business relationship.

We build a history and loyalty with our so we can have long term relationships. Trust is very important to both of us. We trust you will do what you say you will and you trust us to do what we said we’d do. That simple.

  • Trust
  • Loyalty
  • Performance with accountability
  • Delivery
  • High Quality craftsmanship
  • Quick turnaround of projects
  • Communication with Project Managers

These are all key aspects of our business.

Work with General Fabricators, Inc. and see the difference. We do what we say we will, when we say we’ll have it done.