Working as a Team

I know, I’m always talking about “attitude”. It’s that important.

We had a very refreshing meeting with one of our customers this morning. Everything works out well when respect is shown by everyone. Team has no “I’s” in it.

Great meeting.

Attitude plays such a vital role in business. Building one another up, working with people who help bring the best out in everyone around them. That’s what makes business so exciting and fulfilling.

We’re cutting pipe, cleaning fittings, cleaning the ends of that pipe, getting it into the shop for the fitters to get to work. We’re pushing the fitters a bit hard this week to load up the welders so everyone can be a productive as possible.

The attitude in the shop is pretty high at this time. The guys are all excited we have work lined up and materials on the yard for the next weeks. With prospects being discussed daily.

This year isn’t starting out quite how we anticipated. I believe a lot of that has to do with the crap the media is spewing out about government. That kind of talk hurts every business as well as hurt individuals make a living to support their families.

Once you say something that smears a mans reputation, those words never go away, not ever.

All a man has is his reputation. Everything he has is wrapped up in his reputation. His wife and children know his reputation. His neighbors, co workers, organization members, people in the community know him by his reputation. Once you damage that view of a man, it’s almost never possible to overcome it. Someone, anyone can say someone said or did something and no matter how much he defends himself, the stigma is still set in doubt about him.

That’s a shame, really. The one who says these “bad things” about a man usually doesn’t suffer for what he’s done. I believe that what goes around comes around, however, it never repairs the damage that has been done.

Pipe fabrication is a really volatile business to be in. Everyone and their brother thinks anyone can weld pipe. NOT!

It takes a lot to get it done right. It takes a special kind of man to get everything running on the right track from the beginning. If a project doesn’t start out correctly, with in a process, it’s doomed to fail. We take pride in getting it started correctly from day one! Then keeping control of it no matter what takes place during day one or any other day after that. Project Management is such a vital and key role to a successful projects completion.

The Project Manager never gets the at a boys he deserves, usually because before the last project is over the next one is already starting. He just moves onto the next project and finishes the last one at the same time. Not many people can do that effectively. They are hard to come by, training someone to be able to do that is tough. The Project Manager has to have what it takes within himself, before teaching can be effective.

I have high regard and respect for the Project Manager on any project. He deserves it. So the end of this post is to say thank you to Project Managers, and to say thank you for our Project Manager, Jeff Aucoin.

I hope my philosophical rants are being understood. They are to help make me a better person as well as help others to “think”. We tend to not think much about the most important things in life. We seem to “react” to everything.

Anyway, have a great and successful week!

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Process Pipe Manufacturing Facility

We are working on 3 jobs in the shop, 2 different customers, 3 locations for delivery.

We strive to be the best at what we do. Sometimes that’s easy and sometimes it’s not. The times that it’s not easy, is when outsiders come in and want to change the way we do things. They come in and decide they need to change the proven processes we’ve established to produce high quality custom pipe for the plants we’re shipping to.

For the life of me I just can’t understand why some people, who don’t have a stake in what we do, make decisions that effect our business.

We make our living to; feed our families, send our children to school, support our local community business’s, make car payments, make payroll, buy insurance, buy clothes, and everything else that goes with building an upstanding family to carry on the moral, ethical, spiritual, and financial responsibilities we’ve set in action.

“We made the choice” is the hyperlink you touched to get to this blog post. That phrase isn’t just 4 words that don’t mean anything. They didn’t just fall out of the sky, or get pulled out of thin air. They were carefully chosen, for a purpose, to be on our Home Page.

These 4 words explain a lot about who we are and why we do what we do. We made a choice to no longer work for employers who treat their staff with disrespect. We made the choice to no longer work with an employer who treats “our” customers with disrespect. ( I said “our” customers because we take your business personally, we take ownership in the jobs we manage.) We made the choice to mortgage our homes, not take a paycheck this week or month, sell the boat and motorcycle to make payroll. We made the choice to hire each and everyone that works here, for a reason and a purpose. We make the choice, most of the time, as to who we work for and with, for a reason and a purpose. That’s why we’re in business for ourselves. That’s why we walked away from all the dumb shit that some business owners do.

We made the choice to work with “people” who want to work with us. People who make it a joy to come to work every morning. People we know appreciate the long hours we spend to get their job done correctly, on time and within the budget we proposed. People who have respect for themselves. People who respect us and the expertise we have in our field of business. People who encourage us, teach us, learn with us, motivate us, and push us intellectually to improve our selves personally. People who made the choice to do and be where they are because they like/love what they do. People who take pride in the job they do. People who take pride in the relationships they build along the way.

If you notice, I use the word “people” quite often. There’s a reason and a purpose for that too. It’s because business is about giving people what they want at a price and time that they want or need it. People are the key! People are what we are. People either help us achieve one another’s goals or they don’t. We work hard at working with people who want to be successful as often as is possible. We choose to NOT work with people who do everything in their power to interfere with our reaching our goals. There is a reason and a purpose to that as well.

Respect for others is rapidly being destroyed by attitudes, lack of morals and stupidity.

With all that said. We still enjoy coming to work every day to do a great job of manufacturing process pipe for your projects. We are team players to get you what you need and when you need it.

We also know the stressful situations some of your customers place you in, on purpose, because they can. We’re here to fight that fight with you. Why you might ask? Because it’s the right thing to do and it’s the only way to get the stupid ones out of all our business. One of the reasons business, society, families, schools, governments and all organizations are the way they are is because no one, not one of us thought it was important enough to fight it a long time ago. We have all been to busy making a living, and helping one another get to where we all want to be. Now is the time to put up or shut up. Which way will we go as an individual in this thing we call business.

General Fabricators, Inc. is a team playing manufacturing company for all your custom process pipe requirements. We ship your manufactured process pipe to your location just about anywhere in the USA. We’re proud American!