Manufacturing of Process Pipe

Welding process pipe is not rocket science. With that said, it’s also not something just any one can do correctly.

At General Fabricators, Inc. we do it correctly.

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Work is Being Awarded, Proposals Going Out

We’re doing well at this moment in time and space. However, we all know that business is fluid. It’s like riding a wave at the beach. You ride it as long as you can, then it fizzles out and you’re starting all over again. Part of what we do is work hard to be able to zip on over to the next wave before that old one fizzles out. Hop on it and ride some more, then do it for the next wave and that cycle goes on until there isn’t another wave to jump to. That’s life, it’s a pattern that seems to be as old as people on the earth.

So, why fight it? Why get frustrated by this pattern? Why take out our frustrations on our existing customers and co-workers, or family and friends? Why does it bother us so much when we’re finished riding one wave and looking for the next wave to jump on? Why does that make us nervous? Even makes some loose all there sense! What’s up with that?

Maybe this is the time to talk about “pipelines”, not the kind they’re protesting about that runs all across our country, supplying our energy needs. But the kind that we build so we have the next wave in sight even as the one we’re riding is just starting. The time to prepare for the next job is before we are awarded the one we’re about to be awarded. That’s the PIPELINE I’m talking about. Just as liquids and gases flow through an energy pipeline, so must our “product” continue to flow in our pipeline of prospective work so we can continue in a steady business venture.

Lots of business owners wait until they have no “product” in their pipeline to worry, or put forth the effort to get more “product”. That makes for a very volatile work environment for our co-workers as well as our prospective customers. Why, you might ask? Because of our “ATTITUDE”, it changes from what it was while we have product in our facility to something akin to a beast when we see the darkness at the end of the tunnel or pipeline. This attitude change can be avoided most of the time if we’re smart about our business.

One of the greatest ways to keep our business and personal attitudes right is to encourage one another, support one another, be loyal to one another, be considerate of one another and I guess that list could continue to grow if I had more time to write. When everything is going fine, we’re producing as much product as we can, everything attitude based seems to take care of itself. Once the “product” end is in sight, attitudes or emotions seem to get brought into the equation.  Sometimes that’s not a bad thing, however, there are times that the BLAME game begins. It’s all “your” fault we don’t have work! It’s all every one else’s fault when our pipeline dries up. But is it everyone else’s fault? Or should we look in the mirror and take responsibility for which wave we jump onto next? It should be!

I say that without making a distinction between owner, project manager, shipping and receiving, controller, purchasing manager, salesman, receptionist, or the guys that make the money for our company. Because it’s all our responsibility to keep our pipeline filled to the brim with prospective work and real work. If we all do our jobs, yes IF we would all do our jobs, this pipeline would be so much easier to keep filled. Why? Because, of the list I mentioned before. If we are loyal, we’d care about what occurs within our company. If we were encouraging one another we’d care about what occurs within our company. If we were supporting one another all along, we’d show how much we care about our business. I know, it’s only my job. Well, that’s the attitude that hurts a business. You can walk away from a job, however, the business owner can’t. You can tell off the customer, but the owner can’t. You can be insubordinate, and the owner can’t. See there is a part of business that most of those who think that they have a “job”, don’t stop to think about. Someone has to make all the decisions to make payroll so you get paid for your “job”.

Society, schools, and even parents don’t teach us most of the things we need to know about working in the real world. Parents are too busy trying to make a living so you can have a decent life. Teachers are too busy trying to keep discipline in the classroom and teaching all kinds of “stuff” that shouldn’t even be in the curriculum, because it’s just stupid. Society doesn’t teach what’s truly important because they were never taught in their schools or by their parents either. But everyone is “busy”, agreed, busy being busy. That doesn’t improve society, the schools, the family or the work place and it sure doesn’t make any money.

In the real world, there are absolutes, in the fantasy world that we live in there are NO absolutes. Everyone can get a trophy because they played the game. Everyone can earn big bucks because they “worked”. NOT IN THE REAL WORLD! It just doesn’t work that way no matter how many times or ways you may teach it. It just doesn’t work that way!

There is an absolute that we all need to remember, nurture, captivate, increase, grow, protect, and cherish. That absolute is we need one another. Employee, Boss, Customer, Sales clerk, bus driver, equipment salesman, helper, fitter and welder. We all need one another. We are not supposed to be “adversaries”! We are supposed to be respectful and truthful with one another. We all get paid for what we do, if we did it better we would never have to ask for a raise. If we did our jobs with self respect, self discipline, and the right ATTITUDE the raises would come automatically. When you reach top, the next stage in your attitude and career should be where can I move UP. Is it here? Or is it somewhere else? How do I get there? Can I get there where I already am? There is no simple or one size fits all answer to these questions. We have to take the time to train/teach ourselves how to make these decisions and how to go about moving UP in this world.

As we’re thinking about this, remember, we really do need one another. We can benefit by helping one another get to where we want to go if we help others get to where they want to be.

Customers can get what they need by working WITH those that are doing their best to get them what they need and when they need it. Employee’s can get what they want if they just help their employer get to where they want and need to be. Then and only then can you get to where you want and need to be.

I know, this was supposed to be all about new work coming in. Well it is, if you think about it. I can post pictures of the pipe we’re manufacturing. One problem, each picture I post looks just like the last one I posted. With that said, I’m going to post a few pictures I took yesterday of the yard and the shop. We’re getting busy, working hard to fill our “pipeline” and could use all your help in getting there so we can help you get to where you want and need to be.

We really do great work for your customers and partners, no one can do it better than we can. The quality, speed, accuracy, care and concern we give in all our work is second to none.

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