A Few Thoughts and Comments

I know I haven’t posted recently, we’ve been busy getting ready for 2017. If all goes according to the plan we’ve laid out, this should be a very busy year. We’re looking forward to working with all our “Customers” as they bring in the new work for 2017. I use the title Customers, respectfully. Truth be told, we view ourselves as “Partners” with the same goal in mind. Get the job done right for our Partners customers so they can get a “Gold Star” and get the next project awarded to them. Then we all win, from the “end user” of all our services combined to our employee’s down to all our local business community. Everyone shares in the positive relationships each of us builds. Business isn’t a selfish entity or non-human structure that just exists.  Business’s are groups of people who live, laugh, cry, hurt, enjoy, raise their children, go to school, support one another in many ways. But most of all, business is made up of your/our communities citizens.

With that said, we must always remember what we do, think and say in this community we call business affects one another. We can build a professional, sound, honest and loyal reputation by our actions and destroy or damage that reputation with just a few short words. Words can hurt anyone and usually hurt more people than we think. Just look at what’s going on in the media and what they call news. Most of what is broadcast isn’t news, it’s dribble designed to hurt anyone and everyone who isn’t of the same opinion. When we watch what’s going on in this world right now we see selfishness, greed, anger, retaliation, discontent, lashing out, disrespect, just to name a few things visible. What we as the business community can do to bring human relationships back into vogue, is to be an example of what to do and how to do it as an example to our fellow citizens. We can work with one another like human beings, no dog eat dog mentality. We can work together to bring the common goal about, helping others get what they want at a cost and price we can all afford to pay or be paid. We can work together without hurting one another and let those actions be spoken from the roof tops.

We have the power, as employers, to make this world a better place to live in. Some of the faults we see in society can be blamed on parents and teachers not doing our job as well as we all could have. However, we, the business community could do better by how we conduct ourselves doing what we do. We can show sincere appreciation to those we work with that help us to be successful, no matter what our business is. With that said, those that helped us need to learn to accept our appreciation without complaining, disrespecting, being disloyal, or sabotaging our every step forward. As the business community at large, we can stop rewarding poor, mediocre, or below standard job performance. We can help everyone around us to put forth more effort, more concern, more empathy, more understanding, into all our work lives. Work is an integral part of who we are and what kind of person we have grown to be. Business’s have reputations, a large part of that reputation is based on how our employee’s work for us or with us.

All the “blaming” going on in the media, for way to long, is non productive, and continues to divide everyone. We should all be able see that. So why would blaming others in business be any better? It can’t!

Let’s do our jobs, knowing that what each one of us does affects everyone else. That affect can either be a positive experience or a negative experience. That choice is up to each one of us.




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