2017 is Moving Forward with New Projects

We’re about finished with one project that started in January and have begun receiving materials for the next two projects starting in a week or so. That’s great news for us, for our “Partners” as well as our employee’s and local community. When we have work, everyone benefits!

If everything we’ve been told by our Partners, this year should be a great year.

In 2016 we quoted more dollars and more projects than ever before. There was work out there, just a lot more competitive than I remember. That’s boding well for 2017, now some of that work is paying off and contracts/PO’s are beginning to hit the inbox.

We appreciate the supporting role we have with our “Partners”, Construction companies, around this Great United States.

These are some of the materials we’ve received over the last week or so.

These next pictures are the finishing pipe about to hit the road to the field location.

We support Construction and EPC companies by fabricating process pipe and the structural steel that supports it. We ship it to your field location for your crews to install. We’ve shipped fabricated spools from Louisiana in state, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Oklahoma, Wyoming, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, and Georgia in the last 10-12 months.

We’re ready to partner up with  you for your next project. Petrochemical plants, LNG plants, NGL plants, Compressor Stations, bio fuels plants, fertilizer plants, and I’m sure I’ve left a few types of plants out.

We work with you estimating department to get you our best delivery and pricing to assist your opportunity to be awarded the project.

Want to talk about working/partnering with General Fabricators, Inc.? Call Stephen Richard, 337-685-2585 or cell number is 337-354-6560. I look forward to speaking with you.



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