Another Station To Manufacture the Process Pipe

We’ve got a few trucks in line to be offloaded this morning, 6:25 am. We’re getting it done. Inspectors are around making sure the materials are correct that they have sent. This project is going to Tennessee once we’ve completed it.

We appreciate all our partners for working with General Fabricators, Inc. New Iberia, La.

Thank you!

Our team of highly skilled will give your project the attention that it deserves and all that is required to complete your project on time and delivered to the field when you expect it.

We manufacture process pipe for the petrochemical, pharmaceutical, refining, LNG, NGL processing, tank facilities, steel manufacturing facilities, compressor stations, oil pump stations, dock loading facilities and more.

Work with General Fabricators, Inc. New Iberia Louisiana for the best process pipe delivered to your job site.


Manufacturing Vs Fabrication of Process Pipe

I’d like to take a moment to share a couple of ideas and explanations about what we do and why we do it the way we do, as well as how we do it.

Let’s start at the beginning. Just as any company has a process and procedure for doing business, so do we. Each and every detail and aspect of these policies are there for a very specific purpose. Some are for the protection of the customer, some are for the protection of the employee’s and our company. With that said, some are specifically based on making our company productive and profitable. Without profit, none of us can earn a living. Our services depend on our company making a profit, just as every other company in the world, no matter what service they offer. That’s just life in the real world.

This is meant for those who buy commodities without having a deeper understanding of what they are purchasing, how it’s used in their project, or how it’s installed. This isn’t a “commodity” item, never was, and never will be. Why? Because each piece, spool, section are all “custom” made to our customers standards, specification, codes and design. When a company wants prices by the “unit” we know they don’t really have a grasp on what they’re asking. My own personal opinion is that they are leaving themselves wide open for all kinds of interpretations. When a company tells me they don’t care about what diameter or wall thickness the pipe is they want a price and delivery, and they want it quickly. We tend to walk away from these. Why? I would hope you can figure that out.

What we do is not rocket science, but it does take a lot of knowledge, intelligence, patience, endurance, empathy, compassion, will power, self-control, patience, communication skills, risk taking and did I mention patience? What we do may not be rocket science, but it does use the same mathematics, physics, human dedication, mental capacity, planning, forethought, dedication, quality control procedure, as being a rocket scientist, if not more. states the following:

Manufacture – the making of goods and wares by manual labor or machinery, especially on a large scale.

That’s what we do! We manufacture a product, process pipe by using manual labor and machinery. So by the very definition of our products we run a manufacturing facility.

We manufacture approximately 55,000 welds a year. Every day we manufacture welded process pipe. That’s our area of expertise.

Just because we don’t have conveyor belts moving raw materials around doesn’t mean we don’t move them. We don’t use robotics. Why? Because our skilled craftsman can out perform robots hands down. In the time it takes someone to put the pieces in the machine or in place so the machine can get started, our process is complete and the pipe spool is on the ground ready for it’s next step in our process. We don’t use automatic welding machines either. Why not? For basically the same reason, our team of expert welders and fitters are faster than the machines are.

We have been manufacturing process pipe for many years and have found the safest, most productive, most competitively priced, highest quality means to do so. That “way” is how we derived our process. A Production Manufacturing Facility is what we operate. We’re not a “job shop”, we only manufacture process pipe. There is nothing wrong with a “job shop”, nothing at all. We’re just not one, pure and simple. They chose to fabricate items they have expertise in. Today they might be fabricating a tank, tomorrow a piece of pipe, the next day a structural steel component, and next week, it all starts over again.

A Production Manufacturing Facility is different. We specialize in the manufacturing of process pipe made from carbon steel, stainless steel, low temp carbon steel and chrome. We are manufacturing process pipe today, we did the same yesterday and will be doing it Monday morning and every other day of the week. We’ve manufactured process pipe for Enterprise Products, Air Products, Oneok, Targa Resources, TransCanada, Columbia Gas, Kinder Morgan, Vaalco, McMoRan, Formosa Plastics, El Paso, Apache Corp, Stone Energy, Calumet Refinery, Placid Refinery, Sunoco, LBC, and this list could go on for a long while. That’s what we do. For us it’s easy, fulfilling, and dare I say it, exciting. When we follow our proven processes and procedures. That’s part of what separates us from the others that say they are pipe fabricators. A lot of them are still doing it the way it’s been done for decades. There are some that believe technology is the answer. And to a degree they have a point, but technology isn’t a product and can’t be used to manufacture as such. It’s not what makes pipe. People make pipe. Technology is what type of welding wire we use for this type of project and the materials it’s made of. Technology is what we use to communicate with one another.

Each and every piece we put together is customized. It’s very rare to find two pieces that are the same on any project. That’s what makes our process so unique. We have set procedures to take care of that, as well as all other issues that might come about during a project.

We all know this is construction, things are going to take place and change, it always does. How we deal with those issues can set us apart. With that said, we all have to be smarter, wiser, more knowledgeable and more creative than the other guys. Whoever the other guys are. Don’t get me wrong, from time to time, we make mistakes. There I said it. We can admit it when we do make a mistake and do what we have to in order to rectify that issue. We have never walked away from our responsibility to produce what we promised you we would. However, I can’t say others are so honest or forth coming. Some people act and speak like they aren’t capable of making a mistake. They may even hide behind a  contract or specifications or codes as they interpret them. Common sense is crucial from all sides. Engineering is critical in a lot of areas. But common sense can go a long way, sometimes even further than a degree. I am learning that we, as an industry, are loosing our ability to “discuss” a matter. Discuss, put our heads together or whatever you want to call it. We’re loosing the ability to talk to one another intelligently, in a manner that the job gets done correctly and we haven’t burned any bridges in the process.

Respect is something missing in society today. It’s demanded by most and never given by those demanding it for themselves. What’s up with that?

Most companies are in business because the owners decided they knew enough, had enough experience and scrapped up enough money and convinced others to come to work for them to do a service or supply a product. The guys that have had the sleepless nights, mortgaged their homes, drive a vehicle older than their helpers, trained their personnel, made payroll, bought insurance, made payments to the bank, borrowed money from the bank, gave up their own salaries to make that payroll and all the other things that owners do to start a business and keep it going, know how to do what they do. Respect for that should have some sway in any conversation, especially if the other person never did these things. To many time people “go to work” “do their job” with no thought about how they affect everyone around them.

Where is the respect for a business owner when people come in “bullying” that owner so they get their way?

We know that the end user of the process pipe we manufacture has spent a lot of time, energy, experience and expertise in the design of the facility this process pipe will be installed in. What we are expected to do with this pipe is demanding, critical, time saving for our customers, and above all it has to follow certain processes and procedures to be correct and of the highest quality.

We have spent years designing the “process” by which we manufacture the process pipe our customers expect and count on. We did it to offer the best manufactured process pipe anywhere.

We are the best because of the procedures and processes we designed and follow. When we’re forced to deviate from these tried and true processes, things don’t go as smoothly as they could. Why? There are many answers to this question and I’ll let you think about them for a while. Common sense will give you the answer.

We’re all here to do a job. We’re all here to help our customers get what they want and need. We’re all here to earn a living.

We manufacture process pipe because it’s what we’ve trained ourselves and team to do better than anyone else. And our history proves we know what we’re doing. Why would anyone want to come in here and change that?



More Manufactured Process Pipe Ready to go to the Field

We’re finishing this project as I’m writing this post. Our shop performed well, and we’re working on the next one running better. Every job is different, so adjustments must be made along the way. We’ve been discussing how we can make things run better and making some changes. All these changes are designed to make our shop more productive and concentrate on quality to an even higher standard.

We’ve learned a lot over the years we’ve been in business. One of the things we’ve learned a long time ago is that we can always do better. That’s part of what makes this business exciting. Never a dull moment.

I’ve said it before, there are only so many ways to publish pictures of the process pipe we’re manufacturing. I’m including a few more pic’s in order to make this post “look” better.

All accounted for and ready to ship. This particular pipe is heading to a location in Louisiana. Our next few jobs are going to Tennessee, Kentucky and West Virginia.

We’re anticipating 2017 to be a very productive year.

The professional team we have working with us is second to none, thank you all. Hard work, perseverance and dedication pays off.

2017 is Moving Forward with New Projects

We’re about finished with one project that started in January and have begun receiving materials for the next two projects starting in a week or so. That’s great news for us, for our “Partners” as well as our employee’s and local community. When we have work, everyone benefits!

If everything we’ve been told by our Partners, this year should be a great year.

In 2016 we quoted more dollars and more projects than ever before. There was work out there, just a lot more competitive than I remember. That’s boding well for 2017, now some of that work is paying off and contracts/PO’s are beginning to hit the inbox.

We appreciate the supporting role we have with our “Partners”, Construction companies, around this Great United States.

These are some of the materials we’ve received over the last week or so.

These next pictures are the finishing pipe about to hit the road to the field location.

We support Construction and EPC companies by fabricating process pipe and the structural steel that supports it. We ship it to your field location for your crews to install. We’ve shipped fabricated spools from Louisiana in state, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Oklahoma, Wyoming, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, and Georgia in the last 10-12 months.

We’re ready to partner up with  you for your next project. Petrochemical plants, LNG plants, NGL plants, Compressor Stations, bio fuels plants, fertilizer plants, and I’m sure I’ve left a few types of plants out.

We work with you estimating department to get you our best delivery and pricing to assist your opportunity to be awarded the project.

Want to talk about working/partnering with General Fabricators, Inc.? Call Stephen Richard, 337-685-2585 or cell number is 337-354-6560. I look forward to speaking with you.


A Few Thoughts and Comments

I know I haven’t posted recently, we’ve been busy getting ready for 2017. If all goes according to the plan we’ve laid out, this should be a very busy year. We’re looking forward to working with all our “Customers” as they bring in the new work for 2017. I use the title Customers, respectfully. Truth be told, we view ourselves as “Partners” with the same goal in mind. Get the job done right for our Partners customers so they can get a “Gold Star” and get the next project awarded to them. Then we all win, from the “end user” of all our services combined to our employee’s down to all our local business community. Everyone shares in the positive relationships each of us builds. Business isn’t a selfish entity or non-human structure that just exists.  Business’s are groups of people who live, laugh, cry, hurt, enjoy, raise their children, go to school, support one another in many ways. But most of all, business is made up of your/our communities citizens.

With that said, we must always remember what we do, think and say in this community we call business affects one another. We can build a professional, sound, honest and loyal reputation by our actions and destroy or damage that reputation with just a few short words. Words can hurt anyone and usually hurt more people than we think. Just look at what’s going on in the media and what they call news. Most of what is broadcast isn’t news, it’s dribble designed to hurt anyone and everyone who isn’t of the same opinion. When we watch what’s going on in this world right now we see selfishness, greed, anger, retaliation, discontent, lashing out, disrespect, just to name a few things visible. What we as the business community can do to bring human relationships back into vogue, is to be an example of what to do and how to do it as an example to our fellow citizens. We can work with one another like human beings, no dog eat dog mentality. We can work together to bring the common goal about, helping others get what they want at a cost and price we can all afford to pay or be paid. We can work together without hurting one another and let those actions be spoken from the roof tops.

We have the power, as employers, to make this world a better place to live in. Some of the faults we see in society can be blamed on parents and teachers not doing our job as well as we all could have. However, we, the business community could do better by how we conduct ourselves doing what we do. We can show sincere appreciation to those we work with that help us to be successful, no matter what our business is. With that said, those that helped us need to learn to accept our appreciation without complaining, disrespecting, being disloyal, or sabotaging our every step forward. As the business community at large, we can stop rewarding poor, mediocre, or below standard job performance. We can help everyone around us to put forth more effort, more concern, more empathy, more understanding, into all our work lives. Work is an integral part of who we are and what kind of person we have grown to be. Business’s have reputations, a large part of that reputation is based on how our employee’s work for us or with us.

All the “blaming” going on in the media, for way to long, is non productive, and continues to divide everyone. We should all be able see that. So why would blaming others in business be any better? It can’t!

Let’s do our jobs, knowing that what each one of us does affects everyone else. That affect can either be a positive experience or a negative experience. That choice is up to each one of us.