Too Long Since our Last Post

2016 has been a great year. Now don’t let that statement bring thoughts that we had no trouble, trials, tests, or difficulties. Cause you’d be WRONG. This is fabrication for construction! There’s always something going on. Everything changes when you least expect it but you have to find a way to make it work. And we do!

We have a new project starting up, compressor station in Louisiana. Closest location this year to our shop. Not that it matters, just an observation.

We have one of our customers bringing his customer over for a shop inspection next week. And we have 2 other customers coming in January.

Things have been slow this month. Getting the “house cleaning” we need to get done, done.

2017 has promises from our customers. We’re looking forward to working with each and every one. Compressor stations, petrochemical plants, power plants, oil terminals and oil tank storage facility.