Purchasing Materials Can Be A Tough Job

Our Purchasing Manager, Tammy Aucoin, is one of the most professional women I’ve worked with. She is always looking for opportunities that our company as well as our vendor/partner can both win by working together.

She spends the time to research various suppliers for each of the basic materials we order on a regular basis. In this research she further researches what kind of reputation each product has and how strong their customer service is. Sometimes we depend on our supplier/partner for service and on other materials she depends on the manufacturer.

I have to admit, most of us think of a Purchasing Manager as a buyer of the things we need. However, there is much more to that position than most of us would think. I won’t go into to many specific details, however, I do pay attention to what she does and how she does it. Some sales people are tremendous help to her, some are less helpful. The one thing that I must commend her on is how she can get our vendor/partners to quote our materials for each and every proposal we’re putting together. We’ve quoted a few hundred RFQ’s this year and she always comes through with prices and availability for Jeff our Engineer to put in our proposals to our customers. This is a key part of being a Purchasing Manager, keeping the right kinds of relationships with our vendor/partners so we can win the next job and so can they.

Team work is an overused phrase today, however, Tammy makes it true for General Fabricators, Inc. In this day and age we could use a lot more people like her. She goes out of her way to help everyone inside our company as well as outside. She uses her “people skills” to the max. If I let out her secret, I hope she doesn’t mind, she’s just a “normal”, “down to earth” person with patience and talent for doing her job better than anyone else I know. What you see is what you get. She truly cares about everyone.

Thank you Tammy for all your hard work. We all appreciate you.


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