Working on the Next Project

Busy week this week. Making progress. We have 3 new prospects, 1 has sent a proposal already and has 3-4 more coming in the next few weeks. One has a proposal coming in the next couple of weeks. One of these is in the industries we normally work in, the other two are in totally different industries. So a successful week. We’re looking forward to working with all our customers, and are pleased to have 3 new possibilities.

The opportunities are out there, we just have to “work” to find them and keep them. Diversifying our customer base is essential to building our company.  Timken Company made lemonade from the lemons that were handed to them, in the 1890’s they were making roller bearings for horse drawn wagons. Their products, with a little work, would do fine for the automobile industry. They are still enjoying their place in business world today, successfully with $684 Million in revenue last year. Bet they didn’t make that kind of money with horse drawn wagon bearing sales.

Thinking outside the box is critical for all businesses for the foreseeable future. What’s outside the box? You’ll have to figure that one out. It can mean many different things to many different people and businesses.

There are a few books that I seem to read over every year or so and I’m glad that I do. I always find something I either forgot or just didn’t catch the first time or two that I read them. Good to Great and Blue Ocean Strategy, both are great books to help with perspective and forward thinking. Also helps me see what I did in the past that I have forgotten to continue doing today. Re focus on the basics.

We are the only ones who can limit our opportunities for our selves. We are the only enemies who can beat us. What we do with what we have is what we’re being judged by.



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