Loading Process Pipe for another Customer

We are continuing to put fabricated pipe on the trucks for our customers.

Some of this pipe was heat treated, all 100% x-rayed, tagged by drawing for installation on site. These are the first of 5 trucks for this job.

General Fabricators is at your service.




Fill, cap and burn

We’re dropping 150 welds on the floor in our small bore shop daily. With our repair rate at less than a quarter percent, we do our best to do it right the first time around.

IMG_1177IMG_1183IMG_1192General Fabricators, Inc. New Iberia, La. is working hard to be your partner in compressor station, pump station or petrochemical plant expansion or installation projects.

Talk to us about helping you do what you do best, construction. We’ll show you how we can help by doing what we do best, fabricate process pipe and the structural steel that supports it.



General Fabricators – 2016

We are starting 2016 on a high. We’ve made changes during the last quarter of 2015 that has empowered each one of the management team to be more successful, easier. We have given each Manager the ability to “own” his/her department. We have agreed to be brutally honest with one another about improvements that can or should be made within our respective departments. Key is we agreed to not take anything personally, but to take it as encouragement to do better, to reach and attain higher goals. Sometimes we can’t see things within our own departments that others outside can see, because we’re just to invested or close. We are investing in communication with one another as well as our customers. How can we help one another be the best we can be? That’s a question we’re helping one another answer.

We have agreed on what we do best, fabricating process pipe and the structural steel that supports it better, faster and with higher quality than any other fabricator. That’s what we’ve aggressively and strategically sought after the last quarter of 2015. We have a plan and are working our plan. We realize it will have adjustments and changes from time to time during the year, that goes with any plan. It can’t be static, but has to be a dynamic plan.

We meet weekly, sometimes daily to confirm, coordinate, sharpen, specify, strategize and just discuss what we’re doing at any given moment and why. All to sharpen our determination to sustain the working relationships we have with our existing customers as well as what we could be doing to build new relationships with new customers.

We have a new facility we purchased earlier in 2015. This location, the shops we now have, the improvements we’ve made all designed to improve our ability to serve our internal needs to serve our customers in whatever capacity they require of us.

Every person working at General Fabricators is here because they have the skills, determination, desire and ability to assist us in every aspect of our business philosophy.

Our business philosophy is to deliver the highest quality fabricated process pipe and structural steel to our customers. We take pride in assisting our customers, by delivering our products for them, in such a way that their customers are ready and willing to give them their next project with full confidence that our customers can deliver on time and on budget.

I plan to use this Blog site to keep track of our progress in following and modifying our plan as needed. As well as to keep our customers informed as to what we’re doing to be better partners with them on their next project.